Sebastian Pendragon And Alexander Remus: Character Analysis

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Sebastian Pendragon and Alexander Remus were simple men with simple live. it all changed when Jonathan Penhallow, the most respected man in the small South American colony Roanoke, which was named after the original English colony, showed up on Sebastian Pendragon’s house at the crack of dawn. Mr. Pendragon was awoken from his sleep by insistent knocking upon his front door. He rolled out of bed, put on a robe, and went downstairs. He pulled open the door to find Jonathon Penhallow, in his usually type of clothes, meaning what would be considered other people’s Sunday best, practically jumping with impatience. Worry and fear was evident in every line of his body. “Yes,” Sebastian grumbled impatiently, annoyed by being awoken so early. “Hello, Mr. Pedragon. I’m dreadfully sorry to…show more content…
May I ask why you are here?” A voice greeted from nowhere in particular. Alexander and Sebastian looked around for the source, but found no one. “And may we inquire who is asking?” “Well, either you know who I am or are extremely stupid and unfortunate. Well in the case you are stupid, I am the Whisper,” the voice claimed. “Annnd… what is that?” Alexander demanded. Sebastian finally realized. “The panther… I’ve heard stories but I never knew it was you stealing stealing children or I would have never come her… Children gon in the night, the cave with the stream, walking on water…” “What are you talking about?” Alexander cried. “The panther, but panthers don’t speak.” “Oh, they don’t do they? Well, this will be a shock for you, Alexander Remus, but I am a panther,” the Whisper intoned. A panther walked out from behind a boulder. “Now let’s get down to business.” And then he lunged, landing on top of Alexander. Sebastian pulled out his machete and sliced downwards, creating a long shallow cut in the Whisper’s left flank. The Whisper jumped off of Alexander, who appeared to losing a lot of blood form two claw marks in his shoulders He groaned and then appeared to black

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