Sebastian's Voodoo Play Analysis

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When seeing Sebastian’s Voodoo by Joaquin Baldwin for the first time I felt very sad. I notice many voodoo dolls were being tortured and killed. In addition, the main doll sacrifices its own life in order to save his friends. The way Joaquin Baldwin represent sadness in the film is by focusing on the animation style, along with the different moods and the use of sounds. Joaquin Baldwin used many realistic and detailed effects to show the overall setting of the condition that the voodoo dolls were living in. When the light bulb awakened the main character was shocked to see a row of voodoo dolls hanging from sharp metal hooks. It was interesting how Baldwin made the dolls express different types of reactions by the extension of their eyes. When the person was torturing the dolls, he used pins to torture them. Each time he pushes a pin into a doll they were moving slightly, but when the pin was stab into the heart then the doll became lifeless. Baldwin approaches a realistic way to show the pain that the dolls were going through by their body movements and motion, which had resembled as if it were a real human instead of an object. The mood of the film had mainly focused of fear and sadness. In the beginning of the film, there was barely any light in the room. The darkness represents the unknown because the dolls do not know about…show more content…
When the voodoo doll wanted to save, its friend from the human. The scene had a fast tempo sound because he was afraid. In addition, there was the use of slow tempo sound as well because something sad happen in the film such as the main doll died. I notice that the main instrument used in the film was a violin and some type of percussion instrument. The percussion instrument was mainly use in fearful situations by the fast tempo scenes. The violin creates a sense of sadness. For example, when the main voodoo doll decides to kill itself, then the sound became sad and it played in a slow
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