Personal Narrative: My Bond In My Family

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Most children will tell you how terrible siblings are. Except me. My family consisted of my parents, my dog, and me. That’s it. Now, being shy may have another source, but I always say it’s because I’m an only child. My social life growing up consisted of a few friends and my parents. There was only one problem: my parents were always busy. At some unidentifiable point this resulted in a division between me and other kids. I would try to fit into group, make new friends, or even just talk to new people but I never succeed. All I wanted was a bond with other people. Five years later, music, specifically playing the clarinet in marching band, introduced me to the solution I had been waiting for. By picking up a clarinet and playing music with others, I was able to form a link and connection with others like never before. I first realized the extent of my seclusion problem in fifth grade. That was the year the six…show more content…
Although I don’t play an instrument anymore, I recognize the life lessons the clarinet has taught me. Music not only shows you how to fit in with others (literally and metaphorically), but it also allowed me find people similar to me that I had a natural bond with. Now, comparing myself with how I used to be as the shy, lonely girl, I see the effects that specific moment and music in general has had on me. It gave me the chance I needed to see that I can bond with others no matter my background or anyone else’s. I can have friends and socialize in groups. And while even to this day, I’m still shy and have difficulties talking and connecting with others, I just have to remind myself to put myself out there more because you never know who you’ll meet or when. And just like marching band you’ll take one step and eventually you’re all on the same foot. After all a connection with just one person, the right person, can hold a high value in today’s technology-obsessed
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