Secon Second Chances Analysis

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In this short but important chapter, Alex does something he has needed to do for a while, and another important thing. Alex apologizes to his parents for how he’s been acting about the divorce and reuniting of them, and his parents take minor shots at him. After ignoring the shots they take, he makes it clear he is ok with them being together, but doesn’t know if he can ever trust it to be permanent. Alex also writes a letter to Judge Trent, talking about how he has fulfilled his goals of his sentence, and explaining in depth what he has learned: everyone deserves a second chance. Alex also invites Judge Trent to the concert, that will likely be Sol’s last as his emphysema has taken a bad turn, and she responds in three words: “I will attend.”…show more content…
It’s one of the most important life lessons to learn, and you must know when someone deserves another chance. Everyone messes up in front of friends, teachers, parents, etc. All these people usually get a second chance, and if they don’t use it wisely, they probably at least tried to, possibly earning another chance. Alex wrote in his note to the judge that he almost didn’t invite her because she didn’t attend the first concert, but he wanted to give her a second chance. This has not been my favorite chapter of “Notes from the Midnight Driver”, but is perhaps the most meaningful up to this point. Alex’s parents give him a second chance, and Alex gives Judge Trent and his guitar playing skills a second chance. You can learn a lot from this chapter, because second chances are so important to give, especially if the person is close or important to you. The author, by way of Alex, shows that things can work out with another chance, and people will make mistakes, but you need to let them try again. I really enjoyed this chapter, and I think it is easily one of the best, even while it’s only 8 pages
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