Second Amendment Definition

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Amendment II CLAAAAK! the sound of a bullet goes through the air as a civilian shoots his rifle. Then, something wrong happens, he shot a hiker on the range in the arm. This is an example of why some people don’t like the 2nd Amendment. Amendment II’s meaning and purpose is that American citizens can own firearms. Its enduring impact is through controversy and many debates. Amendment II reads, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” “Amendment 2 legal definition of Amendment” a website talking about the amendment, acknowledges that the amendment says it allows firearms, but with a lot of detail why. They claimed, “Firearms played an…show more content…
With it being a bit of a riddle, there are some rules that have been unclear that have been taken up to the supreme court. “Second Amendment Definition, Examples, Cases” talks about some of the cases. On the case Miller vs Texas they say, “In 1894, another ruling came about in Miller v Texas. This case involved an argument by a man named Franklin Miller that his right to carry a concealed firearm was granted by the Second Amendment regardless of any state laws. The court disagreed with Miller, stating that the Amendment did not pertain to state laws.” This said that the amendment didn’t really take place if a state law didn’t agree too it. Another case was Another very similar example was the case United States vs Jack Miller. The website observed, “In the 1939 case of United States v Jack Miller, police arrested known bank robber Jack Miller and his associate, Frank Layton, for carrying an unregistered gun across state lines, which was prohibited by the National Firearms Act. The men claimed that the Act violated their Second Amendment rights, but the court disagreed. The court ruled that the Amendment allows the government to regulate ownership of certain types of firearms, including fully automatic firearms and short-barreled rifles and shotguns.” What this is saying is the government can say which firearms were okay to own, so they disagreed with his argument. All in all, the many court rulings have helped shape the the second amendment even more through the
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