Second Amendment Diversity

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The cultural war between majority and minority has been an ongoing struggle in America because we believe in Democracy. A government ruled by the people and for the people is tested when minorities and majorities butt heads on social issues. Many times the majority has the political power to influence legislation to the detriment of the minority leaving members of the minority group to seek justice through the court system. This was the case for the LGBT community when they fought against Colorado’s 2nd Amendment which they felt limited their protections as a minority class.
Colorado, in 1992, was one of the first states to experience a rising cultural conflict between the LGBT community and religious groups. These religious groups, the majority in this case, questioned the morality of gay individuals because of their sexual orientation and belief in same sex-marriage which is contrary to several religious doctrines. As social awareness grew, religious groups felt actions opposing the LGBT community were appropriate to keep Colorado on a moral path. The ballot initiative that enacted the 2nd Amendment was the vehicle for religious groups to exercise their power within American’s democratic system. Colorado’s 2nd Amendment excluded
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The uphill battle being fought by this community and its controversial “moral code” is not one that will go away. Romer v. Evans was a case created to define and uphold equal protections for all citizens of America despite their choices. The 2nd Amendment infringed upon these rights and resulted in a court case based on a cultural war. A single characteristic does not define an individual and discrimination against that has proven to be detrimental to America throughout its history. The United States Supreme Court decision implemented a positive string of events for the gay community, it was solely based on the constitutionality of the amendment
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