Second Amendment Flaws

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It 's ironic that she says she changed her position after doing research, because virtually everything she says is uneducated on the second amendment. Two hundred years of Supreme Court jurisprudence affirms that the right to bear arms is a collective right, modified by the militia clause, NOT an individual right. The notion of an individual right to bear arms only appeared in Supreme Court law in 2010 in the Heller decision, which has been roundly criticized. The attached article is from a conservative legal scholar, who says that the decision violates conservative law by forcing legislation through the court. In other words, the court made up new law rather than respecting the constitution as…show more content…
These states were terrified the federal government was going to take away the slave patrols, which would allow slaves to break free: / / Finally, the claim that we can 't ban evil is rhetorically powerful, but fundamentally flawed. One cannot eliminate those that seek to do violence, but we can eliminate the ability to fire 50 bullets in 3 seconds. We can prevent mass murder from such weaponry. The history of every country that has enacted gun control demonstrates that, across the board, gun deaths decline. I don 't think we should ban all gun ownership - and I don 't think there are very many people who are pushing for it. But even if we did, the history of other nations suggests that it does remedy the stated harm. / / And the NRA was pro gun control until the 1970s: In fact, they didn 't even talk about the Second Amendment before 1977. Advocating "gun control" in the abstract does not make one a crazy lefty. It 's only being cast that way

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