Second Chances In Finding Forrester

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Once in awhile everyone can make mistakes, mistakes that they wish they could change. From saying something that seems out of line to making mistakes that can completely change the course of their life. Second chances can be something that men a great deal to someone, sometimes for reasons that we can't see. The movie finding forrester, a classic tale of an old recluse becoming a mentor to a gifted young man after an unlikely meeting of the boy breaking into Mr. Forrester’s apartment is a great example on how second chances can change a course of lives.

In the movie finding forrester, characters played a great deal in providing second chances. One character named William Forrester was one of the many people who received a second chance. After
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Wallace. In the movie Finding Forrester Jamal was dared by his friends to break into a mysterious apartment that housed the mysterious figure of neighborhood legend. This figure was commonly called “The Window”. Jamals friends wanted Jamal to break into this apartment and bring back proof about The Window and these legends. When jamal breaks into the apartment, (Paul Clinton, 2001) “On a dare Jamal breaks into Forrester’s apartment but leaves behind a bag full of his writings, only to find them later in Forrester’s hallway with corrections and comments attached.”(P.2) By taking his writing seriously and revising it with a critical eye Forrester is giving jamal the second chance to use the gift and intelligence he has been hiding from his family. William himself is also faced with a conflict that could affect the rest of his life. As stated by (Stephen Holden,2000) “he has been holed up ever since in his Bronx apartment writing alleged masterpieces that he refuses to publish.”(P.3) William is forced to face the decision on of he lets his writing career die with him or let Jamal publish his books after his death.

Much like how jamal Helped forrester live out the rest of his life seeing sights he only dreamed of. In the movie Finding Forrester Many characters are given second chances. Sometimes second chances can be easy to find but they can also be
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