Second Chances In The Kite Runner

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The theme of second chance is reoccuring whether it be a second chance to be a mother, a second chance to be a friend, or a second chance to be a brother. We see many people trying to fix their wrongs. Amir, Hassan, and Sanaubar are just a few of these examples. Hosseini’s main way of showing these second chances is through mirror images. Most major parts have another parts similar, but different scenarios. Hassan protects the kite for Amir, then the house for Baba because he is loyal even when Amir is nothing but mean to him and takes him for granted. . Sanaubar goes from a no show mother to a constant is Hassan’s life because she feels guilty for leaving him when he was so young. Amir went from running from his problems and being a coward, to staying to fight and standing up for what he believes in.…show more content…
Assef presents two options: give up the kite, or get hurt keeping it. Since Hassan is so loyal and devoted to Amir he decides to keep the kite. As a result Assef’s friends hold Hassan down while Assef rapes him. Assef said, “I’m letting you keep the kite, Hazara. I’ll let you keep it so it will always remind you of what i’m about to do,” (TKR pg 73). Later on Hassan moves back to Baba’s with Rahim Khan. The Taliban then decides they want the house and again Hassan gets a choice: give up the house, or get hurt. Hassan decides to stay in the house, so as a result the Taliban shoot him and his wife dead. On page 219 Rahim is telling Amir what happens, he says, “So they took him to the street-...but all i could manage was to whisper over and over again,” (TKR 219). These parallels show despite what happened to Hassan when he was younger, he still remains loyal to Baba and Amir. Even after not being with them for years. Hassan is always putting other people ahead of himself, and even when his life is threatened, his loyalties are still with his
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