Second Continental Congress Questions And Answers

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1. When did the Second Continental Congress meet & how many colonies sent representatives to this congress? The Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia on May 10,1775 and all thirteen colonies sent representatives to this congress. 2. What was the desire of the delegates @ this congress & what measures did they take to prepare for a war? The desire of the delegates was to continue fighting in the hope that the king and parliament would consent to a redress of grievances. To prepare for the war, congress hopefully drafted new appeals to the British people and king, which were spurned. The delegates additionally adopted new measures to raise money and to create an army and a navy. 3. List (after you have read the text) some of what, you perceive to be Washington’s greatest leadership characteristics. patience courage self disciplined trustworthy inspirational takes responsibility 4. Who led the American forces that captured the British garrison @ Ticonderoga & Crown Point in upper New York & what did they procure from these garrisons? What was this item used for? Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold led the forces and captured the British garrison at Ticonderoga and Crown Point in upper New York. The procured a priceless store of gunpowder and artillery for the siege of Boston was thus secured. These items were used…show more content…
This document professed American loyalty to the crown and begged the king to prevent further hostilities. 7. Why did American leaders attempt an invasion of Canada? American leaders believed, erroneously, that the conquered French were explosively restive under the British yoke. A successful assault on Canada would add a fourteenth colony, while depriving Britain of a valuable base for striking at the colonies in revolt. 8. Summarize in paragraph form this unsuccessful offensive campaign, including who was involved & why it was
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