Second Cortina War

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The United States of America was founded in many ways through war, and this is how it gained independence from the British empire. From then, the framers of the constitution took for granted that weapons and wars were going to be part of each and every single american. Since the framers thought it was important, they added it later into the constitution (Second amendment). As time went on and the law was added into the constitution, it was just time to apply again our “war type mentality” and use it in our “favor”. The very first battle as a nation was located in between Texas and Mexico, it was called “First and Second Cortina War” and it lasted from 1859 to 1861. Since then, all battles and wars have been simply history. The problem is however,…show more content…
As jobs were made due to necessity and improvement of society, it usually required time and effort for the labor force, and that had to be rewarded. The way it was recompensed came to be at first the action of trading, and then it followed up with the coin system now a days. Concerning the expansion of the economy by creating jobs in the military has barely any purpose in the twenty first century. What necessity was there involved with military spending? And what was the end result due to job creation in the military system? Having the military as the main source of creating jobs can become very useless as most nations now a days don 't even go to war mainly because of National Peace Corporations, this causing their troops not being utilized. Robert B. Reich, a professor of public policy at the university of California, Berkeley, asserted that "Having a giant undercover military jobs program is an insane way to keep Americans employed." he again argued against the defence program saying that “a jobs program for building weapons that America doesn 't need is wasteful and a poor use of resources. The government should invest and create jobs in areas where the United States actually needs improvement, such as in education or infrastructure”. Wouldn 't it be better to have a jobs program that created things we really need, like light-rail…show more content…
Another main purpose of being involved in wars is mainly because of the economy. As a nation, the united states was very much tricked when it joined the second world war. It was said by many economist that getting involved in the second world war would favor our economy through tough times. And it did! No doubt about it, we were able to get out of the great depression. Yet, what this country may not know is that while we gained economic growth by selling artillery to the Nazis, the Japs on the other hand, a Nazi allie, came up on ourselves and attacked Pearl Harbor through the pacific ocean. On an economic point of view, not a good deal. Elan Evan, an American defense analyst and author said, “people still crow about smashing Adolf Hitler 's Third Reich in World War II, forgetting that U.S. government actions helped bring Hitler to power in the first place.” It is nearly impossible to compare, in a social point of view, the value of the people who died in this war and the economic side of this. While it was true that this war helped move the economy, it came up at a large cost; Three percent of the total American population died in the war, that was roughly sixty million people. It can be just unbelievable how we sometimes put more value to money than we do to people 's health. Because clearly, we keep deploying troops on different locations
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