Second Grade Classroom Observation

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I observed a second grade classroom on Wednesday November 18, 2015. During science block time, and the experiment I observed was chemical reactions. I arrived fifteen minutes before the science block time, because I wanted to observe the transition. The transitioning indeed was smooth, and the children shared their happiness about the science experiment. The class on this day had the 23 students and the teacher present. During my observation I was able to observe the classroom environment during the science experiment, teacher-student interactions, and science process skills. During my observation I was also able to learn a lot of strategies to teach science. For example, my host teacher asked a lot of questions, and even if the students answer the question correct the teacher kept asking more open-ended question. Also, I noticed the teacher used a lot of science vocabulary words such as, collecting data, observation, prediction,
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The experiment process was for the students to inquire about the reaction of the chemicals when mixing them. The materials were, a jar, a spoon, baking soda, dish soap and vinegar. The teacher wanted to demonstrate the chemical change to the whole class. So the students observed the materials first, then the teacher assisted the students to combine the materials. While the chemicals were reacting, the teacher was asking open-ended questions. Also, the teacher ask the students to draw a picture of the reaction. The teacher then explained that the when the baking soda and the vinegar are combined is when the chemical change reaction happened, and the bubbles form because of the reaction. The teacher was very attentive to all the students’ questions, and I noticed that by labeling the materials and pointing at all the steps she was doing she was accommodating student

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