Second Harvest Food Bank Research Paper

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Help change the world! Volunteering in your community can help out others in myriad of ways. This will create happiness in other lives. A nonprofit organization that can greatly improve the quality of one’s life is the second harvest food bank in central Florida. This organization is dedicated to helping the people that are in need of food. It also is considered one of the best organizations to volunteer at because of how it’s organized and how effective it is. Another fun organization to volunteer at is Give Kids the World. This organization gives children with illnesses a cost free vacation at Disney World. The organization requires volunteers to help serve the kids what they need so they can be happy. The organization has a great background…show more content…
The Second Harvest food bank is an organization that has 205 locations across the country. The food bank was started in the 1960s and has been helping people since then. So far, it has provided 269 million dollars’ worth food to central Florida. There are six food banks in total for Seminole and Orange county. The founder of this organization is a person named John van Hengel. He is a retired businessman and decided to create this to help the people who are in need of food. This idea came in to play when “He began soliciting discarded products and factory overruns from distributors and made the food bank a national idea” (Washington post, paragraph 5). After he created the organization, it boomed and expanded to different places at a fast rate. The way it works is that the organization receives food from local supermarkets and hotels. The food is then delivered by the trucks to the place of operation. The main place of operation for this organization is in a warehouse and this is big enough to store most of the foods received. This is also a large enough space for the volunteers who come to help out…show more content…
The main purpose is to help out children and low income families who are in need of food. Many of these people don’t have enough money to support their basic needs. By providing food for the needy, the organization has a goal to completely end hunger. The two ways we can help reach the organization goals are by volunteering to help out and giving donations, which will be used to keep the organization running to help out the people in need. The volunteering process involves registering for the event and attending the event during your designated time. Once you are at the event, the people who are running the food bank will explain what you have to do to help out. The tasks you will get are related to the packaging and preparation of the food. For example, one of the tasks is putting freshly canned foods into a box and then closing it by taping it around. This is the type of volunteer work you could get when participating at the event. Donations can also have a great impact on helping the community. The donations you can give are money or food. The donations can be done at the actual place or online at their website. Any donation can improve a person’s quality of life substantially. This organization has a valuable purpose in our
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