Second Industrial Revolution Essay

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The Second Industrial Revolution began in the middle of the nineteenth century. This involved a series of developments within the chemical industry, electricity, oil and steel. All the technological innovations were already replacing human skills and machinery caused energy production.
There were changes in energy sources such as electricity, and oil. They started using beside coal the use of steam. Two new sources are given; one of them was electricity that was very powerful. Thefore this helps to improve many other fields such as a better way of transportation, lighting, machinery, and communications, etc. Thanks to these radical improvements. Electricity allowed the renewal of communications with the telephone, telegraph and radio. In addition
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The rate of growth of the European population experienced spectacular growth generated by multiple factors like the changes in agricultural production. Also there is an increased external migration (also favored by the best means of transport) , all on a US , South America and Australia.The new discoveries in science helped to develop more new medicines for the illness. This produced a significant reduction in mortality rates. Due to the economic situation, it was needed to produce as many products in the shortest possible of time. Therefore arise new ways of organizing work in factories. The equality of all men still was a big issue in society. There were not inequalities between men and women; they did not really have equal opportunities. Plus the new social structured as a class society: rich and poor There were people who saw many problems coming ahead of period of time affecting society and capitalism. Many different ideologies appeared and people started to interpreter their own way of thinking and react to this revolution. People started to use violence and adopting new ideas and that is how it starts to Socialist, Communists and anarchists’ ideas following different schools of thoughts. In conclusion the second Industrial Revolution had important consequences in the world that were different from the first revolution. It is true they
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