Second Language Acquisition Analysis

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If Second Language Acquisition refers to the way how learners acquire a second language and how overall the ability to communicate; and a process influenced by internal and external factors that determinate the way learners acquire the L2 knowledge in the way they do. In my case the process, as an adult learner, the process has prolonged for a long time. And I have to analyse the factors that have influenced the construction of my interlanguage and how they have taken me to my proficiency in a second language, in this case, English. The formation of my interlanguage has been developed through a long period of time; consequently it has been influenced by a lot of factors. In my case, the starting point, - and maybe the most important factor- is, without doubt, motivation and especially integrative motivation. Since I was quite young, my interest in learning English is due to my interest in English culture and particularly its history. From this point of view integrative motivation has been the force that has guided my learning process. But in addition, instrumental motivation is also present in my learning process by the fact that when learning in an academic environment (school or university) getting good marks has also always been a goal for me.…show more content…
In this period on the one hand, I used a method based on production-based instruction because basically I repeated the method I was taught at school, but on the other hand, I was aware of the needed to be exposed to real input, in other words, input out of the classroom, so in this moment, I began to see films in English or read English books trying to create my own input at home. As a result, some of my English competences improved rapidly such as linguistic competence or discourse competence, and for instance, I was able to understand simple literary books, at a B2 level in the Common European Framework, or even maintain simple conversations in English, at a communication level with more or less accuracy. During this period till the date, I have been received other tutored instruction. That instruction has contributed to develop my interlanguage, and approach it to the target language, I am talking about the period in which I was teaching at the EOI, in which communicative language teaching was used and at the end, at University´s degree. Both, in different periods, have helped me to develop new learning strategies, such learning vocabulary by establishing relationships between words of the same environment. In addition, the new awareness of the learning process leads me to be more conscious

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