Second Language Acquisition Reflection

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Reflection on Ali Akbar Khansir’s Error Analysis and Second Language Acquisition
The paper examined mainly three theories about error study in the Second Language Acquisition,such as Contrastive Analysis, Error Analysis and Interlanguage Theory.Besides,the author pointed out the concept of Applied Linguistic and some demerits of the three theories,also some criticism towards them.
To begin with,the author explained the development and concept of Applied Linguistic.As defined by Schmitt and Celce-Marcia ,”Applied Linguistic is using what we know about (a) language, (b) how it is learned and (c) how it s used in order to achieve some purpose or solve some problems in the real world”, therefore draw forth the two branches of it:Contrastive Analysis and Error Analysis.
And then,the author introduced the development of the Contrastive Analysis,some different versions of Contrastive Analysis Hypothesis and the contribution towards second language acquisition.CA gained many important things about learner errors by comparing the differences between the mother tone and the target language. Supporters all agreed that the L1 would interfere the second language learning,but they attempted to study different aspects of the differences.And there different versions:the strong
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Interlanguage is a language built by learners and it’s different from L1and L2.I just can’t believe that every man has his own language system,although everyone even little kid has his own mode or style of speaking,I still can’t really understand it,cause the system is very abstract and we can’t a way to test it’s existence.Someone can hold that the differences was caused because interlanguage,but I wondered whether the cognitive mechanisms have some effects towards the differences.Since there is no other factors considered in the paper,so I think the author could mention some theoretical support to make it more
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