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The second is the use of language for communication
Krashen has stated that the three conditions which will allow more effective monitoring assumptions. (Krashen (1987, pp.16-17). They are included as in the following:
1. Time. The second language learners will be able to learn the rules of the language effectively when the learners have enough time for it.
2. Focus on Form. The highlight of the language is that an effective monitoring requires an enough time. But if there is not enough time, students need to focus on the patterns of the language usage or careful about the accuracy of the language pattern essentially. (Dulay and Burt, 1978 cited in Krashen, 1987, p.16).
3. Know the Rules. The knowledge of the rules is conditional and necessarily
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To enter the assumptions is the most important assumption in second language learning in both theory and practice, because, the assumptions related to the recognition languages directly. The assumption has entered the mainstream recognition that language. Students need to know the meaning of the language, but later they realize the grammatical structures. (Krashen, 1978, pp.20-21).
Comprehensive Input. To recognize the language of the assumptions fed into focus the importance of the response. The information should be understandable. This response will be in the style of formula i +
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Speaking Stage. At this stage, learners together doing activities that need answering various questions related to what they have learned or there may be events that are spoken. The Narrative is involved themselves with the focus of these activities which will help to build an understanding of the language. So that students can apply the knowledge gained to develop the ability to speak the target language. The children can begin learning to speak a simple sentence. The sentences are more difficult to learn about the concept of the natural approach theory. It has been noticed that the natural principles that aim to help reducing tensions in the class and to help building confidence of the students in learning the language. Therefore, the students can learn the language better naturally without stress on learning. Moreover, the teaching concept of natural approach is that the language instructors will advice the students to understand the factors or elements of language learning process. But at the same time, the students may face a new difficulty in learning the new language than the basic knowledge they have already acquired. It is just to enrich the knowledge of the students a little bit higher than of their previous

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