Second Shadow In The Crucible

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Second Shadow
“There is no advertisement as powerful as a positive reputation traveling fast” ( Brian Koslow). Although this quote is talking about the advertisement of one’s reputation, the main point of the quote shows that a positive reputation is a powerful source of one’s character. In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, upholding one’s reputation is a dominant theme. In the play, there are many situations where characters’ reputations are put to the test. From the outcomes of these tests, the viewpoint that other characters hold of their peers affects the plot, conflict, and outcome of Arthur Miller’s drama. Arthur Miller’s representation of Salem’s society shows that reputation is essential in perceiving others inside and outside of the
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People are able to know about someone without ever meeting them just through people mentioning them in conversation. In The Crucible Reverend Hale is aware of Rebecca Nurse and her charities without ever meeting here beforehand. In The Crucible Reverend Hale declares, “It’s strange how I know you, but I suppose you look as such a good soul should. We have all heard of your great charities in Beverly” (1. 719-721). This quote shows that Reverend Hale already knows of Mrs. Nurse because she has an excellent reputation in Beverly. Additionally, Reverend Hale and his work are already well known in Salem due to his expertise in witchcraft and for his part in the prosecution of witches. This shows that people are able to know of others or about them before ever meeting in person. Furthermore, some people’s reputation can carry great weight in society. Their name mentioned or on something can make a movement or situation big in popularity or in support. In The Crucible Reverend Parris expresses that Mr. Proctor’s name is of great importance in Salem. In The Crucible it states, “It is a weighty name; it will strike the village that Proctor confess” (4. 658-659). This quote shows that with Mr. Proctor’s name on a confession it would help people realize that witchcraft is, indeed, real. With this realization, the witchcraft trials would regain its support from the people of
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