Second Speech Of Moses Speech

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Second speech of Moses (5: 1-26: 19). This is a call to Israel to listen to Jehovah, who has spoken with them face to face on Sinai. Notice how Moses returns to declare the Law with some necessary adjustments, and so he adapts it for their new life on the other side of the Jordan. It is not a simple recount of regulations and ordinances. Each word shows that the heart of Moses is full of zeal and devotion to his God. He speaks for the good of the nation. Throughout the discourse obedience to the Law is emphasized ... obedience from a loving heart, not obligation.
17 First Moses repeats the Ten Words, the Ten Commandments, and tells Israel to obey them, without turning aside to the right or to the left, so that they may extend their days on earth and so that they become many. "Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God is one Jehovah" (6: 4). It is necessary to give oneself of heart, soul and vital force to love it, and Israel must teach its children and tell them of the great signs and miracles that Jehovah performed in Egypt. There must be no matrimonial alliances with the Canaanite idolaters. Jehovah has not chosen Israel to become his special property because he is a populous people, but because he loves them and will fulfill the sworn statement he made to his ancestors. Israel must avoid the deception of the demonic religion, destroy the images of the earth and adhere to Jehovah, who is truly a "great God and inspiring fear" (7:21).
18 Jehovah humbled them for 40 years in the
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