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The students that I have are all second graders ranging from 7-8 years old. The students that I have are all African American. I am a Caucasian female so it is nice to teach students that are a different race than I am because I know that all students are not going to be the same as I am. The teacher told me that this group of kids does really well in class but they score poorly on tests. I have one student that is very hard on themselves when they get an answer wrong so when teaching I try to make things as positive as possible. I have taught a Social Studies lesson, a math Lesson, and an English Language Arts lesson. The social studies lesson was a hard lesson to teach because they do not teach Social Studies in Raytown, the kids were unfocused and I feel like the lesson would have been better if they had an Idea about what was going on but I tied the best I could to build some background knowledge. The size of the district really shocked me seeing that there were 19 schools that served 9,000 students was a baffling number. Talking about massive numbers I wouldn’t was the child to feel like they are just a face in the crowd I want to make these children feel like they are an important part of…show more content…
Little Blue has a program called challenge and only two percent of the students are in that program. I personally think that more students are gifted or talented but they are just not identified. To see if the student should be referred to the gifted and talented program I would set up a bunch of informal critical thinking activities or subject area activated that could assess the student knowledge. Such ass if I am seeing if the child is gifted in math, for example, have little assessments that look like games instead of a sit-down paper and pencil activities. I wouldn’t use a test because some students freak out when they see a test and would do poorly but it does not really assess what the students

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