Second World War's Effects On Australian People Essay

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During World War 2 (1939 – 1945), Australia had a variety of impacts on both its government and its people. The war had a great effect on the place of indigenous people in Australia as indigenous men and women joined services throughout the country. The Aboriginal Australians, both the men and the women had contributed in the second Great War. Meanwhile, when the Aboriginals of Australia had jobs during World War 2, Australia’s economy boomed with the help of the war as many Australian troops had gone out to fight for the British. The economy had boomed during the period of the Second World War as Australian products could be produced as well. The war had a great effect on the place of the Indigenous in Australia. Great numbers of men and women joined the services that associated with helping out for the war. The Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders received greater training, pay and social contacts than many had obtained before. An Aboriginal poet and political figure at that time, Oodgeroo Noonucal said, 'There was a job to be done... all of a sudden the colour line disappeared. ' Oodgeroo Noonucal was…show more content…
Not only the war had a massive effect on the Indigenous in Australia, The war was a huge boom to the Australian economy and as it turned out another massive factor. As many Australian fundamental products were purchased as could be produced, and secondary, subsidiary industries manufactured many ‘modern’ items for the services. Many men and women retired and fled their careers to accompany the armed forces leading to a ‘deficit’ of labour. New commerce and businesses need to have been created to fund the troops with combat weapons, uniforms and ammunition. Scarce goods needed to be controlled by the Australian Government in enhancing better buying and selling and in ensuring that everyone received a fair share. Australians began to experience shortages of almost everything they needed in daily life. At the time of World War II, most of them drank tea, not
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