Secondary Prevention In Nursing

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p. Prevention
a. Primary: Primary prevention is responsible for maintaining the normal health status. It is almost equated to occurring before any stress (think homeostasis). Health promotion and illness prevention activities fall under this category
b. Secondary: The Secondary Prevention is a direct response to an invasion of stress; this is the reactionary posture of the defense system in order to “fight-off” the stress and return the body back to normal. Attempts are made to prevent damage to the central core.
i. Attempts to strengthen the LOR
c. Tertiary: The final prevention, Tertiary occurs following the secondary prevention. This is the last phase to ultimately return the body back to status quo.
The conceptual framework and nursing metaparadigm.
The four metaparadigms of nursing are person, environment, health and nursing. As outlined above, in the center of the systems model is the patient whose interactions with the environment measures the degree of well-being. The client is also the measure of the effectiveness of the interactions between all the systems variables. Neuman rightly places well-being as a measure of the effects of the client’s interactions with the environment. In close proximity to the patient are the variables that affect and influence wellness – family, hospital, finances, insurance, food, emotions etc. rightly or not, these play significant roles in the determining outcome. Similarly, the role of the nurse, who acts together with or for the
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