Secondhand Smoking Informative Speech

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Last week my mother and I decided it was time I went on several college tours, I am working on finding the right school to further my education. We planned a tour for Florida State University in Tallahassee, which is a 4-hour drive from my home in Casselberry; we woke up at almost 5 AM to make it to a tour that began at 9 AM. We made a couple stops of course, our first being a Pilot Gas Station. An older man approached my mother for a light, she of course said “no” then as we walked away I noticed the older man found someone who had what he wanted and as my mother and I walked out the gas station this man blew smoke toward our direction. It was at this point that I began researching the effects second hand smoke can have on people, smokers often downplay the…show more content…
Most often, this person is a non-smoker that makes second hand smoking an even bigger problem. The harmful substances do not lie on the side the smoker inhales rather the side the smoker is pointing at people and the side that is often inhaled by the person simply walking by the smoker. Cleveland Clinic, shockingly reported that if you are a “non-smoker [being exposed to secondhand smoke] on a regular basis, your body will [absorb nicotine and other harmful substances]” which proves that second hand smoke can have the effects directly smoking can have on people. Second hand smoke interferes with my health, by making me more vulnerable to illnesses that are caused by a simple “puff” in my face. The Gallup reported that children who exposed to secondhand smoke are at an increased risk for diseases like “infant death syndrome, acute respiratory infection, ear problems, and more severe asthma.” This report by the Gallup also revealed second-hand smoke could also hurt adults by exposing them to “coronary heart disease and lung cancer” which are potentially life

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