Secret Garden Book

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Watching a movie after reading the same book you will notice that are differences. In the secret garden book and movie there are a lot of differences. In the movie her parents die in an earthquake but in the book her parents die of an illness going around India. The book describes Colin’s eyes as wide in the movie his eyes are wide. Mary find the key in the dirt in the book in the movie she finds the key in her aunts room. Dickon’s parents weren’t in the movie they were in the book thought. They didn’t have the shock machine for Collins legs in the book they did in the movie. They shocked his legs to get the blood flowing in his legs because he didn’t get exercise. It doesn’t say her serpent’s die in the movie it did in the book. It tells that…show more content…
There was no secret door in her room in the book. Before Colin met Mary he never went outside. When he met Mary he decided he would go outside to the secret garden. At the time he could not walk but he started walking soon after. They think Colin was sick and had a fever they put him in an ice bath but he was just getting heathier because he was going outside it didn’t happen in the book just in the book. In the beginning of the book of the secret garden they describe Mary as a very ugly kid but in the movie she isn’t ugly at all. Mary sounded very rude in the book but in the movie she was actually not rude and almost pleasant. In the movie Mary doesn’t seem to care that much about India in the book she seems to care more about her country. They make it seem that Mary and Colin love each other but they didn’t love each other in the book. The beginning of the book it starts different than the movie. Mary adapts faster to England in the movie than in the book. Mary meets Colin the same way as the book she meets him when he is crying because he can’t sleep. She talks with him for a while. They didn’t have in the book of Mary and Colin gazing at the pictures of there mothers but in the movie they
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