Secret Life Of Bees Character Analysis Essay

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In the novel Secret Life of Bees there are many characters with interesting backgrounds and unique characteristics. They each serve a purpose in the book to support the main character, push the character in a certain direction, and send a message to the readers.The character in the novel of Secret Life of Bees that Kidd makes me particularly admire is August Boatwright. August breaks the stereotype of black women in the South during this period. She lives in her own home with her two sisters and runs a successful business. Although she was once a housekeeper for Lily's mother, August also graduated from college and became a high school teacher. She also decided not to marry because it would take away some of her independence, something she’ll always love more than a man. Lily has never met any woman like August Boatwright. That’s why August's most important function in the novel is to help Lily on her way to maturity and acceptance of herself as a good human being.…show more content…
Recently a closed loved one of mine has tried committing suicide multiple times but has failed or been stopped. They are now seeing help but I took it very hard when I found out and even harder when I heard they tried again. August accepted the fact it happened and knew her sister was in a better place. I admire how understanding she was and looked at her death as a reminder to live each day as if it were your last. However, if my close loved one did commit suicide I don’t believe I would take it as well as she did, considering how hard I took it from just finding out they tried. August knew May was depressed and going through a lot and always found the right way to help her and be there for her. I wish I had this characteristic because I struggle with supporting and being there for my loved one.
I admire August the most because she is someone I hope to be and I would hope to gain certain characteristics that she
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