Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Analysis

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Sean O’Connell, from the film ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’, was not merely a haughty photographer. Sean unmistakably showed that he understood the effort and care that Walter put into his work. The film portrayed him as a down-to-earth, adventurous photographer with a true passion, along with a strong appreciation for Walter Mitty and the heart to reward Walter for all he has done for him. The following paragraphs will expand on the evidence of this topic. In this film Sean clearly showed that he understood how hard Walter worked. He knew Walter put a great amount of care and effort into what he did, including the handling of Sean’s photos. In the movie, there are a few scenes that show the fact that most of Walter’s colleagues did not…show more content…
The first gift was the wallet which, in the end, was merely holding the true gift, however nevertheless, Walter liked it a lot. Sean imprinted the LIFE magazine’s motto on it, which proves that Sean knows Walter understands the motto and is inspired the words. Sean also said appreciative words to and about Walter, such as the ones in the letter Walter receives near the start of the film and also the words that he said to Edna about how Walter displays his work and allows it to get noticed the way he wishes. The last and most important gift Sean gave Walter was sharing his colours to the world. Sean did this by making the last cover photo of LIFE magazine – negative ‘25’ – a picture of Walter, holding up and studying Sean’s photos as he sat by the fountain. This illustrates just how valued Sean finds Walter and how appreciative Sean is of him. No ‘pompous’ person would have the heart to do anything like Sean did neither say anything alike to Sean’s statements – particularly when Sean called Walter a ‘ghost cat’, which may sound strange, however in reality shows how awed his thoughts are of Walter’s diligent but obscure character. Sean peered under Walter’s grey veil and beheld an adventurous, clever and honest man. Although he may not have known it, Walter Mitty was undeniably an inspiration to Sean
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