Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Reflection

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Life, is like an ice cube. If we left it on a table just like that, it will melt away and dries up. But, if we put it in the refrigerator, it will maintain its shape and hardness as long as it stays in there. Just like life, if we stay at the same place and do the same tedious things, our life will just rot away meaninglessly. Our life need to be filled with alternating leisure and pressure, so that it can maintain it purpose. Sometimes, life needs to be heavily pressured so it can anchor back to the right path, and sometimes it needs to be free flowing to bounce back all the hardships of life. This is what the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” tries to convey. In the movie, Ben Stiller as Walter Mitty went through countless hardships and rough adventures in order to retrieve the missing negative 25, the negative that went missing when it is needed the most during that time. The theme that I personally see the most in this movie is about hardship and struggle one must endure in order to carry the responsibility that has been given to them. Walter Mitty, as negative assest manager, willing to cross the line so that his credibility can be maintained and his responsibility can be fullfiled. He goes thought unexpected events and never stopped even if his own life on the line. In my opinion, LIFE Magazine’s motto is about the name of the magazine itself; about life. In this momentary world, humans tend to question their very own existence. Why do we exist? Why do we live?

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