Secret Sin The Minister's Black Veil

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Secret Sin After reading “The Minister’s Black Veil” by Nathaniel Hawthorne and his different yet captivating objective about this particular reading piece, as the story shows a moral message torn into darkness and loneliness. It is understood that he manifests a profound vision for a spiritual meaning.
First, the puritans lived in an orthodox lifestyle that took them to provide strictly religious policies. As a result of the religious practices in the community, sin was never tolerated, and those who were sinful by their own choice were often socially banned. Hawthorne’s vision on social criticism about puritanism was in no way sympathized; he did not like social boundaries, discrimination, and rules imposed by fake morality that residents often conclude. It did not help
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Hooper different is what also makes him a questionable man. The story conveys to a slightly distinct tone of writing. Hawthorne’s words sound almost wistful when he describes Mr. Hooper’s character but the author words also make a point of the judgment his character goes through without showing any evidence. “In this manner Mr. Hooper spent a long life, irreproachable in outward act, yet shrouded in dismal suspicious; kind and loving, though unloved, and dimly feared; a man apart from men, shunned in their health and joy, but ever summoned to their aid in mortal anguish”
Ultimately, “The Minister’s Black Veil” is still a modern story among this contemporary society. Judgments are seen and feel by those who are different or strange to the multitude, however is the same difference that we arguably criticize and also judge who makes the rest also become different. Throughout the story and until the end, Mr. Hooper refuses to remove the veil, tough it was certainly his right to keep the veil on his face and not give any explanations and reasons to others, the motive for Mr. Hooper wearing the veil was never disclosed and remains ambiguous. “All men has secret
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