Secrets And Lies In Chris Crutcher's 'Deadline'

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The Similars

“Lying is done with words, and also with silence.” Secrets and lies occur every day, whether the person is lying by keeping a secret or lying straight to one's face. While some people see lying and keeping a secret as two completely different things, keeping a secret is the same as lying. Some secrets need to be told early enough in order for the receiver to process the information thoroughly. Without all the information about something, someone could easily feel betrayed and also be inclined to make an inaccurate assumption. The novel Deadline written by Chris Crutcher shows a very stark theme about secrets and lies. Ben, the main character, has been lying by keeping his the secret of his terminal illness from his family and friends. The core of this concept is
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Whether you are trying to protect people from the truth by hiding secrets you are still not being honest which is the same as lying. A vague example in the novel is when Ben first hears about his terminal illness. Instead of telling his family, he decides to skip treatment and not tell his family. Keeping this secret makes the most sense to Ben at this time. “I know this is too much for your mother, but your dad is the most level headed man I know.” “And I want to keep it that way, Doc.”( par. 3 pg 8) Ben keeping this secret from his family and friends makes him a liar who is trying to protect his family and friends from emotional pain.“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.” According to psychiatrist Paul Ekman we lie to escape punishment, to get out of uncomfortable situations, to boost our egos, to receive a reward, to protect others, and control the flow of information.(Par 3) Ben not only hiding the secret from his family and friends, he is also hiding the secret from himself. Ben doesn't want to believe that he is dying, and he is willing to do anything to live the rest of his life as normal as
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