Section Leader Rolin's Argumentative Analysis

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The people of France have endured many hardships as the result of several conflicting ideas being proposed about the National Assembly, our governing body and it effectiveness in ruling our great nation.
An issue of Women’s suffrage proposed to the National Assembly enlisted great controversy from the Jacobin’s Buzot and Section Leader Rolin. Pro-women’s rights, Section Leader Rolin made the compelling argument that women are the backbone of today’s society and should be allowed a voice in our governing body. She claimed ‘women take care of our city, they have helped bring down King Louis XVI, and this proves women are indeed strong’. Buzot countered his claims by stating women are fragile beings, they are to be protected, and they need not join men on the battle field of war where they will be killed. Still holding true to his belief Rolin argued against Buzot’s idea ‘women belong in the home,’ saying ‘women work on the docks’ they are capable of pulling their own weight and then some.
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The result of the vote appeased Section Leader Rolin for women’s suffrage was indeed added to the constitution despite a hard fought battle against the action coming true. I would like it known that I do not believe in women’s rights. I am a traditionalist who believes the fairer sex 's responsibilities lie with taking care of the ones they claim to love, their children and husbands. No woman should be allowed to pick up a gun nor a sword to commit such a violent crime as joining the rebellion’s fighters. They are too delicate to show witness to the outrages sight of blood being
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