Sectionalism In David Donald's Why The North Won The Civil War

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After the colonization of America took place, sectionalism emerged between the now industrialized North and the agrarian South. Throughout the existing sections in the North and South, different perspectives about social, cultural, and economic issues such as slavery, rights, and tariffs arose, proving to be the foundation for the American Civil War. The economy called for a strong sense of unity and support within the regions due to the need for modern transportation in importing and exporting purchased goods for war. Led by President Davis, the Confederate economy of the South was unsuccessful in reaching its highest capability. Meanwhile President Abraham Lincoln led the Union States of the North to a prosperous industrial economy. The Confederate States had no means of security and economic stability to last the entire war, which gave an advantage to the Union. After four years of hardship, the Union emerged victorious.…show more content…
Prior to the start of the American Civil War,…show more content…
While acknowledging the significance of cotton to the Southern economy, Davis engaged in the effect of the cash crops on the industries of the Great Britain as well as the North. Davis was in support of a plan created with the goal of forcing Great Britain into an alliance with the Confederate South; they did this by disabling the exportation of Britain’s main import for its textile industry. Southern leaders supposed an embargo on cotton would empower Great Britain to formally recognize them, allowing for a diplomatic negotiation with other European countries on their
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