Essay On Sectionalism

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The definition of sectionalism is being loyal to one’s own region or area of the nation rather than the nation as a whole. Regional differences that went on for years were a big cause of the civil war in the United States, sectionalism being a big one. There was a division because of certain political, economic and social issues, all of those things were what contributed to the growth of sectionalism from 1800-1861, when the civil war started. The North and the South had completely different views especially when it came to the topic of slavery. The economies were running different and the laws were placed using their different views. The Sought was pro slavery and the North was anti-slavery. They didn’t want any slaves in their section but…show more content…
The first compromise was in 1820 call the Missouri Compromise. The debate was where slavery would be allowed to take place. The Northwest Ordinance was the Northwest territory created beyond the Appalachian Mountains, this action was a responds to many differ things such as war. Then the compromise was that Missouri enter as a slave stated and Maine enter as a free state and the line of 36' 30" is the line that separates slavery everything above it is free and everything below it was a slave state. The Missouri compromise was effective for almost thirty years until similar problems arose and the compromise became less and less effective. Then the Compromise of 1850 occurred which admitted California as a free state and Utah and New Mexico as a territory toward the west based on popular sovereignty, a doctrine asserting the right of the people living in a newly organized territory to decide by vote of their territorial legislature whether or not slavery would be permitted there. Then the Kansas Nebraska Act repealed the Missouri compromise back in 1820 and entered Kansas and Nebraska as territories by popular sovereignty. After The Kansas Nebraska Act in 1854 the Annexation of Texas came about. The United States added Texas on to the map despite all their debt and the controversy it cased with other states, to get Texas away from Mexico and to have their independence. Then the Abolitionist
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