Sections From Into The Wild Analysis

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What makes one head off into the wild, leaving behind everything? What may be the motvies? In “Sections from Into the Wild” Jon Krakauer examines Chris McCandless motives for why he went into the wild. Krakauer looks into McCandless “great Alaskan odyssey” (203). Knowing Chris’s motives it is alright to try escaping into the wild, but to a certain extent. It was important to McCandless to prove to himself he could make it on his own without anybody else’s help (205). McCandless planned to go out into the bush of Alaska and live off the country. Krakauer believed that McCandless had very little experience of living with nothing a year prior to his “great Alaskan odyssey”. It is noted that McCandless subsited for a month of the Gulf of California living just off five pounds of rice and a bounty of fish he caught (206). After find McCandless’s writing from his journals and in the bus Krakauer explains that McCandless wasn’t going into the wild to pinder nature or the world at large,but, rather to explore the inner country of his soul (220). “ Today young people don’t expect to get married until their late 20s, don’t expect to start a family until their 30s” (Henig 205). Looking at this quote one say because McCandless was in his early 20s, he was wanting to search within himself to find out the true him before settling into a career and settling down. David Abrams had a similar experience in the since of going into the Eastern Culture and embedding himself into it. “On the second morning, when I saw the…show more content…
McCandless tired anyways.

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