The Influence Of Political Individualism

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Secularisation is a process of social change through which the public influence of religion and religious thinking declines as it is replaced by other ways of explaining reality and regulating social life. We still discuss the concept of secularisation in sociology because it is still working its way around the globe, it has already been successful in countries like Ireland and England. Unlike the USA, which still has a very high religiosity rate, and also in poorer developing countries they are, for the greater portion, more religious than developed parts of the world and have religions that are still very much involved with the state and state affairs. A simpler way of thinking about this concept or explaining it, is by saying that in societies…show more content…
The individualist does not favour any philosophy that requires the sacrifice of the self-interest of the individual for higher social causes. Political individualism is a consequence of secularisation. It comes from the individual desire to protect their freedom against the obligations imposed on them by the state or by religious organisations. Liberalism stems from this political individualism, Modern liberalism has its roots in the Age of Enlightenment and rejects many foundational assumptions that dominated most earlier theories of government, such as the Divine Right of Kings, hereditary status, and established…show more content…
On the one hand because of secularistic ideology, modern scientists and inventors are allowed to research freely without fear of recompense for going against the religious teachings. The church also gave out an extensive amount of church owned property for other non-religious use, so that these properties could benefit the community outside of religious uses. Religious pluralism in Ireland came about as a result of secularisation in this country. Tolerance for other religions and religious ideologies. The freedom of the people to express publically their different beliefs or even lack there of. And probably most importantly secular ideals are responsible for the demolishing of the hierarchy of the nobles and clergy, the freedom to live outside other-worldly religious restraints and fears and focus on life here on earth, which is probably the cause of the great success of democracy in freedom, scientific invention and economic

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