Secure Air Terrorism Case Study

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A 6-year-old Canadian boy is still on a no-fly list for dangerous travelers, even though his government promised to get him off.

Syed Adam Ahmed’s mother tweeted Friday that the family was flying across the country from Toronto to Edmonton over the weekend for a wedding. She was not able to check in her son online for an Air Canada flight.

"Our 6 year old is still on #NoFlyListKids. Still flagged at online checkin. When does it stop?” Khadija Cajee posted on Twitter, along with a picture of her son at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

People on the no-fly lists are not allowed to board an airplane in an attempt to prevent terrorism.

More Families Come Forward

Syed’s case drew international attention in January. His father, Sulemaan
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In a letter to the families in February, he assured them that additional security checks are not required for passengers younger than 18.

He also told them public safety officials were exploring changes to the Secure Air Travel regulations. These changes would help prevent the mix-ups. He has said it could mean adding birth dates, addresses or social security numbers to the information about passengers.

But Goodale warned in the letter that some children might be stopped under other no-fly lists. Both the United States and airlines all keep their own lists.

No Longer Funny

Ontario resident Karen Ahmed said she wants the government to move more quickly. She says her son Adam Ahmed has also been considered a security risk since he was a youth. He will turn 18 on March 21.

Karen Ahmed said the family used to laugh off the extra scrutiny until the day they came close to being kept off a flight home from India. Now, she worries about what will happen when her son starts traveling as an adult.

“He’s already asking if he can go to Miami with his friends,” she said. He is going to start traveling by himself and she does not want him to get stuck in a strange city.

Change Is
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