Secure America In The Late 1800s

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Americans should expect the government to secure the United States in several ways. The government should secure Americans financially and physically. During the 1800s many changes were occurring to America, as well as to Americans. During that time the government was starting to realize that that they had Americans who needed to be protected and advised. The 1800s would be the start of a new era for the United States. That was the start of the government getting involved that would last into today.
In the early 1800s America was evolving into a new country with new sets of laws, that soon would be known as amendments. The Bill of Rights was the beginning of the United States developing a structured government system. The Bill of Rights were the first ten Amendments of the Constitution, and were laws that Americans had to follow. The Bill of Rights gave the American people their privileges, and protected them. It gave Americans a voice, and made them know that their government was trying to change, and become better. The first Amendment states that every American has freedom of religion, speech, and press. It gave Americans more
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Every detail of modern American life still shows the impact of progressivism. It was a movement would go on to essentially change the nation, and change what Americans expected from their governments. The idea of progressivism was to better society, create laws, and make restrictions for those who were not being treated properly. There were certain areas of society that needed to be changed, and those were child labor, temperance, equal treatment, education, urbanization, and labor reform. The government then passed laws to regulate these aspects of life. The government passed laws about working conditions, housing regulations, sanitation codes. The power of the federal government then grew significantly, because they then had a role in all of these aspects of
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