Secure Attachment Child Essay

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Infants tend to form an attachment for safety and security with a certain individual how usually its primary caregiver, which is usually the mother. There are four types of attachment and among the four secure attachment, avoidant attachment, ambivalent attachment, and disorganized-disoriented attachment. The four attachment develop on how much the level of response is given to them. When the child cries and how well the parents reacts each time, create a pattern that child will use in developing relationships in the future. A Secure attachment child, see their mothers as their security and comfort zone. The one-year-old feels safe when mom is there, and are upset when the mother leaves or is left alone with a stranger. When the mother…show more content…
For Instance, Maria, a 17-month-old girl, does not explore and is not interested in the toys in front of her. Maria Is clinging to her mother. Although Maria mother is with her maria is showing ambivalent behavior as she clings to her mother and demonstrating that she is anxious, even with her mother's proximity. When her mother leaves and a stranger enters the room, Maria is very distressed, cries and seems to be afraid of the stranger. Maria is experiencing separation and stranger anxiety. Maria seems to be distress as why her mother not there and has left her and if weary of the stranger. When her mother returns, Maria starts to approach her mother, but also appears angry, pushing her mother away. It seems that Maria is displaying mix emotions of content, yet upset at her mother when she returns, giving a clear sign that Maria has an ambivalent attachment. A bit similar disorganized-disoriented attachment, but children tend to be confused as they approach mother, but do not know how to react, which differ from avoidant attachment children do not show any kind of reaction towards their mother and don't seek
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