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The security cameras are destroying our lifestyles due to our privacy is being invaded by the cameras without our agreement, it isn’t a good idea to record the people, whether in the world exist more innocent people than criminals. I firmly believe that the people don’t need security cameras in public places because the cameras mustn’t record every movement that we do. They don’t help to reduce the crimes, in others words, the security cameras cause unemployment and laziness in the policemen and they don’t do their work well. Record people is morally wrong and unethical; moreover, the security cameras make a space of fear and worry, we can feel hounded; also, the people need privacy and liberty. The governments
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Moreover, they want to have the control the people. Everybody needs privacy is something inherent and necessary our personal space, it essential the privacy in our lives and the security cameras are causing serious problems to our lifestyle because analytics think that the people are safe, but it is uncomfortable and annoying that the cameras are always watching us without our concern; for instance we open a window of our house and then, we know that we are being recorded, so we are going to feel worry and hounded for the invasion to our privacy, another reason is the security cameras could hack and our information in going to be used; the cameras are not safe. Furthermore, the governments have to look for quiet of the population and give security with more policemen in the street, instead of the surveillance that only change our lifestyle.Therefore, the security cameras aren’t good for our privacy due to we need our personal space and invade our privacy that is an inherent right that the people have and it illogical stays recording the people if exist more innocent people than criminal and the cameras don’t help to prevent the problems, they only collect information, but the things happens and the evidence could be forgettable, the government should look for other methods to fight against the crimes because the security cameras are not the best method as a result cause unemployment and the police are not able to work and the people lose their privacy when they are recording us without our concern

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