Security Dilemmas In The Cold War Essay

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The Cold War which was occurred since 1945 until 1991 has brings out the security dilemma between blocks of United States and Soviet Union. The security dilemma is a state of weapons dependence that become a policy of a country as if for the states interests defense of a country but actually it is for threaten other countries. The security dilemma which occur more than 40 years, brings many issues in international relations. The purpose of this study “Security Dilemma between United States and Soviet Union during the Cold War” is to identify and understand the relations between cold war and security dilemma. This study give attention to meaning
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In the World War I, Germany, Austria, and Turkey make allies and work together. Initially the United States is neutral and impartially anyone. But when the Germany submarine accidentally hit United States vessels in submarine warfare, it makes the United States anger and finally become sided with Britain, the Soviet Union and France which is the opposite of the Germany alliance. Because the involvement the United States, it was facilitate the Germany defeat. Finally, World War II was won by the Allied…show more content…
This was shown from the expansion activity. The mastery of area conducted by the United States and the Soviet Union brings out the balance of power in terms of economy, politics and ideology. Both that superpower country did expand ideology to other countries. Various methods were used, even in the form of economic aid, military cooperation and also in weaponry. In brief, it was the divergent aspirations, needs, histories, governing institutions, and ideologies of the United States and the Soviet Union that turned unavoidable tensions into the epic four-decade confrontation that we call the Cold
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