Security Drone Ethical Issues

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Ethical Issues and Possible Alternatives to The Security Drone

Science is a double-edged weapon, it might be used for the prosperity of human beings and also it can be used as a weapon to kill human beings. Therefore, we cannot consider technology to be ethical or unethical, but we can consider our usages to be ethical or unethical. Alfred Nobel has established Nobel Prize to encourage scientists when he found that his invention “Dynamite” was used in wars to kill human beings. Science and technology are harmless; however, we might misuse them and make them a tool for harming each other.

What is a drone?
Drones are regarded as one of the edgy technology applications that are in a vigorous development cycle all over the world.
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Security Drone is a senior design project that has been done by Kuwait University engineering students. It is simply an unmanned airborne vehicle with a high degree of autonomy. The drone shall be used to monitor a certain factory using a camera with face recognition technology and sensors that can detect fires in its area of vision. The drone should be able to navigate through the factory, locate the fire, and launch the alarms. Although this is the only thing that the Security Drone can do, there is a various ethical issues in the Security Drone need to be considered.

Ethical issues in Security Drone:
There are three main factors to be judged in order to determine whether using Security Drone is ethical or unethical:
- The action of the drone and how it performs its function.
- The intention of the person that controls the drone.
- The consequences of the drone actions and its impact.
One of the issues regarding Security Drone is the noise, the flying drone shall produce high noise while navigating through the factory all over the day to detect fires. This noise can cause disruption for all the employees in the factory. Therefore, the factory production shall decrease or the quality will be reduced which is unacceptable. For this issue, it is advisable to use high-technology motors for the drone itself to reduce its noise. However, these motors are more expensive than normal motors. Also, the drone shall fly at the altitude of the ceiling
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I think this universal question must be answered by the governments and institutions, the Security Drone’s technology is very helpful and might save many lives; so can we just overlook its ethical issues and look forward to high technology future solutions for these problems. The drones, as well as all other inventions, must have a developing cycle once they are being used. Therefore, using them is important and developing them is necessary. The more developed technologies we have, the more lives shall be saved. This is the ultimate aim of being on earth, which is to live safely and happily. Eventually, Security Drone as well as all technologies can be used for the welfare of human beings and can also be used for the warfare and kill actions. We are responsible for drones’ actions; we are in charge of all the consequences of their actions. Ethics has nothing to do with technology, ethics are mainly related to human being actions. The same cup can be used for drinking cures or for drinking poisons, therefore we are responsible for all actions in our lives. The main solution for regulating the usage of drones is setting global laws for reducing their negative impact on human
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