Security Guards In The United States

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Security guards play a crucial role in providing security especially in occasions where state or federal police are not readily available. This would include areas such as private homes and companies as well as financial institutions such as banks. Nevertheless, Security Guards are regulated in a General Business Act in New York Article 7-A (Rowland & Coupe, 2014). This article defines a security guard as that individual who is tasked with promoting peace in all aspects of peace enhancing efforts (such as protecting property, street patrol service, providing security response to alarms and reporting unauthorized or unlawful activity).This individual, however, should not have direct links with police services provided for any of the state or…show more content…
Through the above legislation, security guards are expected to execute their responsibility in an immediate-response approach to criminal or any other unlawful act within their area of jurisdiction. This is to imply that in areas which are prone to criminal activities (such as banks), it becomes the responsibility of the security guards to be in a position of preventing attacks by alerting the state police on any suggestive criminal plan on the premises or homes and other business premises(Billingsley, et al 2013).
With respect to the described approach revealed above on security guards, there are a number of conclusions that would be made. With respect to GBA 7-A, the delegation of protection and other security services to these private security guards have two major implication on New York’s security affairs(Rowland & Coupe, 2014). First and foremost, the overall peace and harmony seen in this state is achieved substantially and hence the public lives in peaceful
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A common phenomenon is that in which several banking institutions report that they lose a lot of money during physical cash transfer services(Billingsley, et al 2013). This mostly takes place when the security guards vanish with the cash meant to be transported from one bank branch to another.
From a personal point of view, it would be important to appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of these security officers (even though their services come at a price). However, the areas in which they should be allowed to relay their services should be strictly determined to protect the public from the above described scenario(Rowland & Coupe, 2014). Having security guards, for instance, to protect house premises would be a more strategic

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