Sed 125 Reflection

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Now that what I have learned from SED 125 has been dicussed, I’ll move to how this all changed how I think now. When I learned about the impact ableism has on people within a society that have a disability it really interested me. I took the knowledge that I learned about ableism and created a Civic Engagement letter for my First Year Seminar. I created a letter that address three different school districts RSU 40, RSU 13, and RSU 28 Special Education Departments, about bringing some alleviation of the ill effecfs of discrimination. The letter states that with the new knowledge I learned of UDL and Inclusive Education may allow teachers and faculty members alike to stop and think before they become the “ Tiny Tims or the Super Crips” in an educational society and create an environment of striving for fullest potential of each child.…show more content…
Being taught the proper way to speak about disabilities really helps, I am now trying to speak in “ Person first” so as not to discriminate or place a stigma upon a person’s shoulders. When I eventually become a teacher all the new information I learned about diversity and disabilities in SED 125 such as knowing that not all children learn the same way or that some children may have a bigger struggle than others, and how to build healthy positive relationships with my future student. I will try to apply all the new information to my classroom
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