Seday Fieldwork Analysis

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During my fieldwork process, I learned a lot about my student, Sedaya. Over a six-week period I got to spend time with her and learn about her likes and dislikes at school and at the hospital she lives at. To begin, I learned that Sedaya is very good at memorizing information and answering questions. While completing her homework at the hospital she was able to answer basic questions both verbally and using her ipad. She enjoyed telling me about her work. I also learned that Sedaya is kind and polite in social situations. Whether it’s a nurse, teacher, or another student she is so friendly to them always saying hi or waving to them as they walk by. Each time I came to visit her she would politely say hi, which made me feel welcome and less nervous. Finally, I learned that Sedaya enjoys being…show more content…
Due to conflicting schedule, Sedaya’s nurse was unable to show me around the first day so I was all alone trying to figure out where I was going. This minor change would have helped me feel less anxious about interacting with the student on the first day. Overall, the way that I approached this assignment was to my best ability. Having never done something like this is was a real learning experience that helped me build confidence and strength. Based on my experience, the one recommendation that I can make based off my learning style is to focus on the student’s needs and the environment. My instructional style is driven by hands-on activities and multimedia formats when teaching but that is a challenge when you are in a restricted environment. It would have been nice to have a bit more freedom when completing activities and socializing. Although, with the restricted environment I was able to complete activities with the student I just had to alter my instructional style a bit to fit both the student and the environment ‘s
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