Sedentary Life Speech

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Abstract: Approximately 2 million deaths in world every year are attributed to Physical inactivity; And Preliminary findings from a WHO study on risk factors suggested that sedentary Life style is one of the ten leading causes of death and disability in the world. Physical inactivity increases all causes mortality & doubles the risk
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Give opportunity to spend enjoyable time with family and friends
A sedentary worker require calorie:
Male - 2400kcal
Female- 1900kcal

Required practices for healthy living
a) If you are vegetarian so you can take beans and grains because they are rich in all type of essential protein
b) Eat at least one dark green and one yellow vegetable because they are rich in vitamin, mineral and anti-oxidants.
c) Always eat fruit and vegetable which contain essential minerals and vitamin. They nourish our body and keep us in perfect condition. Avoid eating excessive fatty food
d) Always we have to take good food but not too overeat
e) If you are non-vegetarian so eat two serving of fish each week
f) Drink 1% or 2% each day
g) Never eat junk food or fast food
h) Never skip your break-fast
i) When you are preparing any food item(vegetables, fruit, grains, milk, meat or beverage) so prepare it with little or no added fat, sugar and salt
j) Take one fruit everyday
k) Eat fruit half-an-hour before meal and one hour after food, especially after lunch because for better iron absorption
l) Always eat a lot of raw vegetables and fruits
m) Replace all the sweets and snacks with fruits
n) Replace all type of polished rice and refined flour with whole

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