Sedgewick Bell Characteristics

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(AG)The actions of a man defines who they are as a person.(T) The three individuals of Sedgewrick Bell, Deepak Mehta, and Louis Masoudi have each conveyed their own specific human characteristic through their actions.(EM) Each individual conveys a certain human characteristic that is shown throughout the entire story, which can be seen through their actions.(C)The story presents the reader with many examples of how each one of these individuals convey their particular human characteristic through their actions and one individual’s characteristic is exemplified more than the other two. (TS) Sedgewick Bell conveys the human characteristic of the need for social acceptance. (A1) Sedgewick Bell has challenged authority from the first day of…show more content…
Hundert. Mr. Hundert confronted Louis after he failed to walk on the sidewalk and he gave him a brief speech that he should walk where the great men before him have walked.(A3) He mocked and made humorous comments about Mr. Hundert to his friends to make them laugh and in attempt to achieve social acceptance from his peers. (B1) Louise Masoudi attended the gathering of his former classmates and the rematch for the Julia Caesar competition.(B2) When he was presented with the first question in the competition he responded with “I am Julia Caesar.”(B3) Louise did not know the answer and it was okay from him because he knew the real reason why they had a rematch was for the other two to battle it out, so he responded with a sly comment.(B4) He responded with this comment to lighten the mood and for others to laugh with him in attempt for social acceptance.(C) Louise Masoudi conveyed the characteristic of gregariousness, while the other individuals conveyed their own specific characteristic throughout the

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