Seduction In Dracula

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The Battle of Love Love is a powerful force that is used in this world for both good and evil which this book displays. Dracula, written by Bram Stoker in 1897, is one of the greatest stories showing the truth that love conquers all evil. Jonathan Harker, a real estate seller, is going off to Transylvania to visit Count Dracula, a man supposedly interested in buying many estates across London. To Jonathan’s demise, Dracula turns out to be a dark and twisted creature and in the end escapes from the castle. After his hard journey, he and his now wife Mina will head back home to encounter a similar tragedy that has happened to Mina’s friend Lucy. As they uncover the truth about Lucy’s death with the help of Dr. Van Helsing, Dr. Seward, Lord Godalming,…show more content…
The use of love and seduction has been a great weakness for man since the beginning of time. Dracula and his lovers use seduction to draw in their defenseless prey for their feasting. An instance of this happens when Dr. Van Helsing and Mina Harker take their way approaching Count Dracula’s castle. On the way there, night time grows closer so they restfor the night. Smartly enough Van Helsing makes a circle of wafer crumbs around them to keep them safe from the devilish spirits that roam the lands around them. This turned out to be a smart plan for Dracula's wives come and attempt to seduce Van Helsing but did not work on him unlike Jonathan Harker. In Jonathan's case the sweet singing which reminded himself of Mina's voice guided him into the ghastly chamber of the three hellish women. To his demise, he falls for their trickery as they slowly feast on his blood. As Jonathan looks upon the three beautiful beasts, he says “I felt in my heart a wicked burning desire that they would kiss me with their red lips” (53). By using the element of seduction, these three women woe Jonathan into a trap of…show more content…
The power of love helped Jonathan get through a situation that ten strong men couldn’t just to get back to Mina. Although love is a good force, it can also be bad as concluded by the three she-vampires using their mesmerizing bodies to place false love in the minds of innocent men. Finally, love brings strength in groups which is shown by the group of friends that venture into dark and eery places no sane man would go. Although love can not be physically felt, the feeling and power it gives someone, whether good or evil, is undeniably
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