Seductive Woman Reaction Paper

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Seductive Woman falls under the beauty enhancement industry. The beauty industry refers to any product or service dedicated to helping us look, feel and smell our best. This industry is all about enhancing the beauty that is already there or creating it. It is my belief that this industry is very lucrative and recession resistant because no matter the state of the economy the most individuals will strive to look, feel and smell their best. From my observations, with baby boomers on the rise, there is a rapid increase for beauty enhancement products and services; hence, this industry will continue to grow. With individuals becoming busier than in the past and allergies becoming more severe, I foresee women and men moving away from traditional make-up cosmetics and turning to micro pigmentation/ permanent make-up in the near future. In a short while from now, I foresee more individuals opting for Microdermabrasion treatments because there is an increase of Malassezia Folliculitis, acne vularis/acne and striae/ stretch marks among the…show more content…
Amanda Layne and Mr. Corey Lowe. These two staff members are responsible for the daily operations of the business. Ms. Amanda Layne is responsible for managing the customers, making direct contact with the suppliers, marketing, managing the cash flow, balance sheet and profit and lost statement, service and product delivery; both Mr. Lowe and Ms. Layne are jointly responsible for the decisions made for the business.
Seductive woman is supported by Small Business Association (SBA), The Caribbean Institute of Leadership & Coaching (CILC) Action Coach and Business development officers at the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC). This business receives professional financial and business development advice from (CILC) Action Coach that has proven to increase the profit margin of the business. Please see
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