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Journal #2 The purpose of the article,“What Colleges Want to See on Your Application” by Emily Driscoll, is to discuss what would differentiate future college applicants in a pool of indistinguishable applications and to aid them in their quest for higher education. This article does have bias in that the author fails to consider Seniors, or students about to graduate from high school, who have neither challenged themselves nor engaged in their neighborhood. Driscoll assumes that their audience has been through every step from community service to recommendations, or has the opportunity to make up for lost time. In the article “What Colleges Want to See on Your Application,” Emily Driscoll discusses the contents the best application must display. She claims that “[a]ll colleges like honors courses” when discussing the importance of a “solid”…show more content…
Also, Driscoll argues that “[a]n average grade in an advanced course is more meaningful than an ‘A in a regular course” especially when supported by favorable SAT and ACT test scores. Despite this fact, Driscoll discusses the importance of forming valuable relationships with teachers, involving oneself in one’s community, and the ability to “write - and write well” when applying to colleges. Emily Driscoll has an accurate perspective about what must be done. Average Performance in testing and in challenging courses, along with significant involvement within a community, heightens one’s chances of getting accepted to a desired college. College applicants with proficient scoring in testing and in advanced courses tend to have higher chances of getting accepted. Many students work hard to obtain the best test scores and achieve “Straight A’s” in order to have a better chance of attending their dream college. Schools and parents often encourage children from a young age to perform their best and challenge themselves. Often the students who strive for excellence live their dream of
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