See You Again Analysis

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“See you soon” is a common phrase used by people as a form of saying goodbye; some use this phrase to make a goodbye less sad. Saying goodbye to a person is difficult, especially when he or she is a loved one. In the story of Destino by Walt Disney and Salvador Dali, a loved one is lost and the story is told in a way of flashbacks. In the song “See You Again” by Charlie Puth, a loved one is lost, but the story is told as a way to say “thank you for all of the good times” waiting for the day where the two people can reconnect. Both the short story and the song analyze the idea of losing a person, but not the memories of the lost loved one. How does one keep the past alive, but live in the present? Initially, a woman character in Destino closes her eyes and revisits her memories of her past relationship with her love. She sees a happy woman racing against the clock to get to her man. As the “See You Again” begins, it talks about losing a loved one and wanting to see he or she again. The writer of the song demonstrates the feeling of missing someone close and wanting he or she back, but not being able to reach them. Destino and “See You Again” begin with a feeling of sadness and wanting the world to go back to the way it was, but knowing it never can. The song expresses…show more content…
A memory can be saved, but sometimes a person cannot. While it is easy to say a person may be lost but never forgotten, it is harder to keep the good memories alive and remember every little detail. As demonstrated in Destino and “See You Again”, the characters are trying to remember the lost loved one, while still trying to move-on with life. Moving on and keeping the past alive are two contradictory events, but it is possible to do as long as a person does not live in the past. A person can visit the past, as the woman in Destino did, but one must still open his or her eyes and look into the future as stated in “See You
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