See You Down The Road Analysis

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How does point of view connect in literature and life? Point of view is how the author can let you “see” what’s going on throughout the story. Location in point of view helps in the story because you can “be” in the story, and understand how location affects characters. Time is also important in story’s because time can change throughout it. The book could go on for years, just like life does, and that’s how literature and life connects with time. In conflict, characterization, and narration they all go together for point of view.
Point of view connects within the story The Most Dangerous Game. In the story, Richard Connell, the author uses many different conflicts. First, Rainsford, the main character experiences Man vs nature. In the story he is “startled” by a gunshot, he loses his balance, then falls
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In my novel, See You Down the Road, by Kim Ablon Whitney, she uses characterization to describe the main character, Bridget Daugherty. First, the author tells the reader that Bridget is a 16 year old traveler. Bridget being a “traveler” means that she and her family are constantly on the road. They make money by tricking their bosses into giving them money. Next, Kim Ablon Whitney describes Bridget by saying that she is not sure that she wants to marry at sixteen. Bridget is promised into a marriage with another traveler Patrick. Point of view goes with this topic, because we as readers can understand why Bridget feels this way. Most people don't want to get married that early, kids are still in highschool, and are living “normal” lives. Lastly, she describes Bridget by saying that she doesn't want to live the “traveler” life anymore. The author tells the reader that she does not want to live that life, but that she wants to live a “normal” life. Bridget wants to settle down and live in a house. In conclusion, point of view and characterization are used in the novel, See You Down the
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